Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Torrey, Utah

This was our wonderful trip to Torrey, Utah and Capitol Reef National Park at the end of June!  We had a fabulous time!  It was a wonderfully relaxing and extremely enjoyable vacation!  We absolutely loved every minute!  We had this huge pool and hot tub completely to ourselves most of the time and the hikes were beautiful especially the last one, which was all in the water (it was quite warm outside).  In the pictures of Brady holding both kiddos, it's because Mommy thought she was going to pass out from heat exhaustion!!!  It was very hot in the front of the mountain in the middle of the day, so Brady, ever my knight in shining armor, came and rescued me!!! Thanks honey!  

Beanie's Last Day of School!

This is Beanie's Last Day of school and he had a fabulous time!  First, they got to have a fun movie time, and then they had a water day where they played on the slip and slides and then they had water fights and all kinds of water games.  Last, but not least, they had a fantastic bubble time to end it all!  It was a super fun day, but the best part for Beanie was coming home and knowing that he had three whole months off!  The best part for Mommy was knowing that I get to sleep in for those three months!!!!  Yes!!!  No alarm clocks, except on Sunday!!!  

Beanie and Lucy Sleeping

I absolutely love this picture because this was Beanie's last day of school and because it just shows how much he adores his sister.  He is so in love with her and always wanting to hold her and kiss her.  They both love each other so much.

Beanie's Great Brain Report

This is going back in time, but I had to get this in!  At the end of school, Beanie's class is required to do a "Great Brain Report".  Beanie did his on "Bearded Dragons" since he just received his a few weeks before that.  He did an awesome job!!!  We were so proud of him. He presented his report so well and he glued all the pictures on the poster and wrote everything himself!  He is doing great at school.  His grades were great and his reading and spelling have dramatically improved.  He excels at both subjects now!

Monday, July 14, 2008

Sunday, July 13, 2008


This is Freddie!  He is a Bearded Dragon and he is so cute and fun!  He is a wonderful little lizard and sooooooo fun. He is really mellow and so chill.  He amazingly smart.  We got him a couple of months ago after we saw "Nim's Island", a super fun, family movie!

Introducing Hero Baby!!

This is our Hero Baby!  We got him after Maka passed away and we are in love with him!  He is so cute and sweet and grown to be so big!!!  His temperament and personality is a lot like Chewy's (our first dog) and that is the greatest compliment we could ever pay a doggie!  We are absolutely in love.

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Lucy's First Dance Class!

Lucy was so excited for her first dance class!  She was ecstatic!  She couldn't wait to buy her ballet shoes (or for mommy to buy them at least) and put them on, along with her tap shoes!  She grinned from ear to ear when she walked in and she wasn't scared at all!  I was assuming she would want me to come in with her since I always came in with her for her "Little Gym Gymnastics" class.  But, it was in a different room and she just walked right in!  So cute! 

New bathing suit!

01-09-08_1635.jpg, originally uploaded by heatherplong.

Lucy was trying to distract the boys from the video games with her new bathing suit. It didn't work:)

Lucy at Little Gym

01-07-08_0947.jpg, originally uploaded by heatherplong.

Lucy loves her little gym classes! She gets so excited to go to them and she loves her teachers.

Friday, June 20, 2008

Lucy the Workout Girl!

12-28-07_1148.jpg, originally uploaded by heatherplong.

Lucy loves to work out with me and is always wanting to sit on top of the treadmill while I run. I will let her sit there while I walk, but not while I run. So, she will come and lay down on the bench and do her little "Lucy workouts". She loves to show me how strong she is and all of her little exercises that she can do, ones that she likes to make up! LOL! It is a blast to watch her!

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Lucy reading to Maka

01-23-08_1207.jpg, originally uploaded by heatherplong.

Lucy loved to play with Maka. She liked to hold her leash and walk around with her and Lucy would always stick up for her if Maka got in trouble. Lucy would like to sit in between Maka's front paws and play with her, read to her and dress her up. Maka was a perfect dog for a little girl, too. She was so patient and loved to give Lucy a lot of kisses and to lie by her.

Amazing Swimmer!

IMG_8642, originally uploaded by heatherplong.

Always Up for Any Adventure!

IMG_8704, originally uploaded by heatherplong.

Hot Dog-Happy Boy

IMG_8696, originally uploaded by heatherplong.

Forever with her Boy and Protecting HIm

IMG_9711, originally uploaded by heatherplong.

She Loved Being Outdoors

IMG_9691, originally uploaded by heatherplong.

Maka and her Beanie

IMG_9682, originally uploaded by heatherplong.

Maka on the Canoe with the Boys

IMG_9251, originally uploaded by heatherplong.

Beautiful Makamai!

IMG_8740, originally uploaded by heatherplong.

I haven't blogged in awhile because I knew I couldn't post any pictures until I gave Maka her eulogy and it has been too difficult to do so. Even now I can't help but cry when I look at all of these beautiful pictures of our gorgeous Shmiggy (Beanie's nickname for her).
Maka was the type of dog that only wanted to be with you every second of the day. She was not happy unless she was with you and she would wait anxiously for us to come home. When we would pull in the driveway, we would always see her beautiful brown eyes peering up at us over the windowsills with her ears raised up, hoping it was us.
She was an amazing backpacking/adventure dog. She went with Brady and Beanie on all of their backpacking trips and she always came with the family on any outdoor adventure. She was so graceful and amazingly agile that she would always get many compliments on any adventure she was on. She was always great at protecting and watching over her boy and she loved him so much. She was the best dog that any boy could ever have.
We miss her so much. When I look at these pictures I can't believe that she is gone. If there is a windowsill looking out of heaven I am sure that she is peering over it, waiting for us to come home to her. She will give us an amazing welcome when we do come home to see her. We like to think that her and Chewy are together playing and enjoying their time together until we see her again. We love you Maka. Thanks for all of the sweet and precious memories. We will always remember you, girl.

Monday, February 04, 2008

That little fuzzy - LUCY!

That little fuzzy - LUCY!, originally uploaded by bradytlong.

Lucy and Brady have Lucy/Daddy Time on Friday, while Beanie is at school. They have a lot of fun and Lucy loves to go to Ikea where they get a toy and have lunch.

Sunday, February 03, 2008

Ballet Class

01-31-08_1122.jpg, originally uploaded by heatherplong.

Lucy started Ballet class this week. Soooooooooo cute!!! They do 15 minutes of tap and then 15 minutes of ballet and then 30 minutes of gym time. She absolutely loves it. She was beaming when we got her ballet shoes and she didn't want to take them off because she loved them so much. I finally got them off of her and then she had to hold them until class started :)

President Hinckley-Prophet

President Hinckley passed away last Sunday the 27th of January.  He will be dearly missed in every way.  He was the only prophet that I have known since being LDS.  I just can't believe that he is gone.  He is the most amazing man and I know that this is a happy time for him, because he can be back with his eternal companion, but for the rest of the world it is a great loss and he will be sorely missed.  His enthusiasm for the gospel and his zest for life were so inspiring.  He traveled to visit the saints in other countries than any other Prophet so far, and he oversaw more temples being built than any other prophet.  It's hard for me to imagine the church without him.  If you missed his funeral and wanted to see it go to and you can watch it there.  It was a very moving funeral.  So, that was my week: a lot of crying :)

Marry me!

01-23-08_1849.jpg, originally uploaded by heatherplong.

While eating dinner Beanie told us how his best little friend at school, Annie, asked him to marry her. We asked him what he said and he said "I just said 'sure'". We all laughed, except for Lucy who hot this look on her face and then she proceeded to look at Beanie with those "girly" eyes and said "Beanie, you are going to marry me, right? Beanie, marry me." And then she put her little hand on his arm and repeated her little plea, to which Beanie responded "Lucy we can't. When you are older you will understand that we can't because you are my sister. Lucy looked quite devastated. He is the one boy she cannot live without :) Lucy still claims that they are getting married.

At the house!

01-26-08_1252.jpg, originally uploaded by heatherplong.

This was Lucy posing at our house where the bathtub is going to go in the master bathroom. It was a beautiful sunny day and it was fun to be able to look around the house without freezing! Cute girl!

At Beanie's school

01-22-08_1158.jpg, originally uploaded by heatherplong.

This is Lucy playing with her ponies while we wait for brother at school. Lucy and I usually sit outside of Beanie's class for about an hour. We try to extend it a little more every few days. Sometimes we have some setbacks and then we move forward. Lucy does amazing! Of course, we are surrounded by books and that is one her favorite things in the world to do; being read to. This week we were all pretty sick and Beanie missed four days of school, so hopefully this week will go well. I am sure it will :)

Monday, January 21, 2008

Driving Brother to school

Most mornings Lucy does fantastic at getting up early and driving brother to school. Well, this morning she didn't wake up until we were ready to leave, so I bundled her up and took her to the car. Every time that has been fine. Well, it was one too many times!! She cried the whole way there and proceeded to get angrier and angrier!!!! Usually Beanie and I laugh about this, but today, it was not meant to be, because Beanie also started to cry! Well, Mommy kept her cool (not easily, by the way), but the longer the ride was the more mad Lucy was. eventually she started making comments of how angry she was. "I am so angry!" Her little face would scrunch up and she then screamed "I Hate EVERYTHING!!!!" I couldn't help but laugh. She proceeded to identify all of the many things that she hated for the rest of the car ride, either with a scream or a cry. Now, let me clarify, Lucy is EXTREMELY sweet. She is cuddly and my major Lovey Dovey girl. But, she has a temper, especially when she is tired and well, she was tired!!! What a drive to school!
But, the story goes on....
We arrive at school and Beanie starts to get panicked about staying at school. So, Lucy and I stay in the little library area right outside his door. Well, Lucy is in her pajamas, but luckily I am dressed for the day, because we ended up needing to stay until 1:30!!!! From 8:00 until 1:30. Thankfully they had a lot of great books for me to read to Lucy and she calmed down as soon as we walked in the door. Lucy is completely easy to entertain and she can find joy and make a game out of anything. So, that was our exciting day last week.

Lucy the Sunbeam!!!

Lucy is now a Sunbeam at church and she is loving it! In fact next week she is giving the prayer and the scripture! But I want to tell you the story of Lucy on the first day of her Sunbeam class. Lucy was sitting in her little chair with her teacher and her class. One of Lucy's little friends, was sitting next to her and really liked Lucy's headband, so Lucy's friend decided that she would like to try it on. So, she proceeded to try and tug on it, which in turn pulled on Lucy's hair. Lucy got right up and went to her brother to tell him what had happened. Beanie gently caressed Lucy's hair and told her that she would be OK and to go ahead and tell the teacher. Lucy went right back and did exactly as brother had told her to do :) Brave little girl and awesome Brother! Sweet little friendship!

Lucy and her Brother

IMG_0645, originally uploaded by heatherplong.

Beanie and Lucy have always said that they wanted to marry each other. Anytime that I say "Daddy and I are married", Lucy always responds that she wants to marry brother and vice versa
Beanie always wants to marry Lucy. Well, last week Beanie finally asked me if that were possible. I told him "no, brothers and sisters can't marry each other in this country." So, a couple of days later I overhear Lucy tell Beanie that she wants to marry him and Beanie responds by saying "Lucy we can't marry each other here, because it is illegal. I guess we will have to go out of the country to get married. Maybe like, England or something." Lucy was just fine with the idea!

frist floor framed!

driveway, originally uploaded by heatherplong.

The house is coming along! The first floor and the basement have been framed and they will start on the second floor this week! As soon as they clear the FOOT of snow that we got away :)

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Dad playing air hockey

12-28-07_2228.jpg, originally uploaded by heatherplong.

Dad playing air hockey at the 'Sport's Grill' at the Gateway. He ended up being the air hockey champion!

Papa Jon with Nivelli

12-27-07_1709.jpg, originally uploaded by heatherplong.

Gingerbread House

12-22-07_2151.jpg, originally uploaded by heatherplong.

We made this Gingerbread House on the Saturday before Christmas. We made it from scratch and the kids loved making it out and cutting it out and especially decorating it. Opening the Christmas presents and making a Gingerbread house are Beanie's favorite traditions for Christmas! Lucy had one side and Beanie had the other. They did a great job!

Lucy and Haley

12-25-07_1930.jpg, originally uploaded by heatherplong.

Lucy and Haley together at Grandpa's for Christmas Day! This is his cute little tree.

Christmas Day with Grandpa Cannon

12-25-07_1928.jpg, originally uploaded by heatherplong.

Christmas day with Grandpa! April, Kevin, Haley, and our family met with the Cannons at Grandpa's for Christmas! We met in his front lobby area since there was such a large group of us and we played the white elephant game and had a great time getting to catch up with everyone!
As we were leaving Lucy said "I don't want to leave Grandpa". She loves her Grandpa and he loves her!

Saturday, January 12, 2008

Lucy and her Papa Joe

12-28-07_1959.jpg, originally uploaded by heatherplong.

Lucy loves her Papa Joe and she loves to talk to him really close and he loves it and so does Lucy.

Sunday, January 06, 2008

Aunt April, Haley and Kevin Come!

IMG_0673, originally uploaded by heatherplong.

Aunt April, Kevin and Haley came around 4:30, and hung out with us until we left for Grandpa's party at 6:00pm. Then they came back over to our house until about 10:00. We had dinner and exchanged presents! We had a great time together!

Uncle Seany and Lucy

IMG_0681, originally uploaded by heatherplong.

Lucy absolutely loved Uncle Seany's present to her and she was sad to leave it to give him a love!

Lucy, Amy and Nate

IMG_0648, originally uploaded by heatherplong.

Belle Outfit #4

IMG_0672, originally uploaded by heatherplong.

Outfit #3

IMG_0676, originally uploaded by heatherplong.

Outfit #2

IMG_0678, originally uploaded by heatherplong.

Outfit #1

IMG_0677, originally uploaded by heatherplong.

Amy was the dresser with all accessories. Lucy absolutely loved it!

The jewelry

IMG_0667, originally uploaded by heatherplong.

Her Favorite present

IMG_0662, originally uploaded by heatherplong.

Lucy is opening up her favorite present that she got for Christmas. It is the present that Mom, Joe and Gram gave her. Dress-ups! Four different Disney princesses with shoes and jewelry. She loves it! She plays with it almost every day.