Sunday, February 20, 2005

We have bad news. Our amazing Chew Bear has been diagnosed with bone cancer. This came as quite the devastating news for us. Chewy is the best dog in the world and a very important part of our family. The vet says that he has weeks to months. You can see in his front leg how it is bent, that is where the cancer is. So, this picture is to honor our Chewbacca the Great.  Posted by Hello

Lucy loves to stand! There she is in her little church dress. She usually prefers standing to sitting! Posted by Hello

Lucy and I, standing by the magnet board that Brady, Beanie and I made together. We have our favorite pitures on there. Posted by Hello

Beanie and Brady with their favorite activity, playing video games together! It is so much fun. I actually love to play, too. It's a fun family event. Posted by Hello

Sleeping little angel Lucy! Her favorite place to sleep is in her swing, even when it is just sitting there. But, if she starts to wake up and someone is in the kitchen looking at her, then she won't fall back to sleep, because she is such a social bug, she just wants to talk to everyone. She is quite my little social butterfly. Posted by Hello

Sunday, February 13, 2005

Mom with all of her grandchildren! Posted by Hello

Lucy and Matix in both of their blessing outfits. Posted by Hello

Lucy in her blessing dress. Little angel! Posted by Hello

Beanie and Brady asleep! Super Cute! Posted by Hello

Beanie in Grandma's big bathtub!  Posted by Hello

Lucy and Matix holding hands! Posted by Hello

Beanie and Daddy, together, for Beanie Daddy Day. They played in the snow together, went to Burger King and a movie and then came home and played some more! They love to have Beanie Daddy day! Posted by Hello

Beanie, his best friend Spencer, and Maka, all playing in the snow! Fun times! Beanie and Spencer love to play in the snow together. Of course, they love to do anything together. They are the best of friends! Posted by Hello

Time to get dry! Posted by Hello

Beanie and Lucy! Thry both love to laugh at each other! Posted by Hello

Bath time! Look at that sweet little baby girl face! Posted by Hello

Sunday, February 06, 2005

Step 2 of the Roll Over!!! Go Lucy! Posted by Hello

Step 1 of the roll-over! 1/24/05 Posted by Hello

Sean and Beanie playing fun picture games for FHE! Posted by Hello

Benjamin, Saucy cat, and Beanie! We're just all chilaxin' on the bed! Posted by Hello

There is little Lucy girl, sitting supported! Doesn't she just have the most beautiful smile?! And those big, blue eyes. Man, she is a dream baby! Love you Lucy! This is her first time really sitting,supported. She kept trying to sit up while her seat was lting back, so I moved her seat up an she loved it. She just sat right up. She is growing tooooooo fast! Posted by Hello