Saturday, March 15, 2008

Lucy reading to Maka

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Lucy loved to play with Maka. She liked to hold her leash and walk around with her and Lucy would always stick up for her if Maka got in trouble. Lucy would like to sit in between Maka's front paws and play with her, read to her and dress her up. Maka was a perfect dog for a little girl, too. She was so patient and loved to give Lucy a lot of kisses and to lie by her.

Amazing Swimmer!

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Always Up for Any Adventure!

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Hot Dog-Happy Boy

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Forever with her Boy and Protecting HIm

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She Loved Being Outdoors

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Maka and her Beanie

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Maka on the Canoe with the Boys

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Beautiful Makamai!

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I haven't blogged in awhile because I knew I couldn't post any pictures until I gave Maka her eulogy and it has been too difficult to do so. Even now I can't help but cry when I look at all of these beautiful pictures of our gorgeous Shmiggy (Beanie's nickname for her).
Maka was the type of dog that only wanted to be with you every second of the day. She was not happy unless she was with you and she would wait anxiously for us to come home. When we would pull in the driveway, we would always see her beautiful brown eyes peering up at us over the windowsills with her ears raised up, hoping it was us.
She was an amazing backpacking/adventure dog. She went with Brady and Beanie on all of their backpacking trips and she always came with the family on any outdoor adventure. She was so graceful and amazingly agile that she would always get many compliments on any adventure she was on. She was always great at protecting and watching over her boy and she loved him so much. She was the best dog that any boy could ever have.
We miss her so much. When I look at these pictures I can't believe that she is gone. If there is a windowsill looking out of heaven I am sure that she is peering over it, waiting for us to come home to her. She will give us an amazing welcome when we do come home to see her. We like to think that her and Chewy are together playing and enjoying their time together until we see her again. We love you Maka. Thanks for all of the sweet and precious memories. We will always remember you, girl.