Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Torrey, Utah

This was our wonderful trip to Torrey, Utah and Capitol Reef National Park at the end of June!  We had a fabulous time!  It was a wonderfully relaxing and extremely enjoyable vacation!  We absolutely loved every minute!  We had this huge pool and hot tub completely to ourselves most of the time and the hikes were beautiful especially the last one, which was all in the water (it was quite warm outside).  In the pictures of Brady holding both kiddos, it's because Mommy thought she was going to pass out from heat exhaustion!!!  It was very hot in the front of the mountain in the middle of the day, so Brady, ever my knight in shining armor, came and rescued me!!! Thanks honey!  

Beanie's Last Day of School!

This is Beanie's Last Day of school and he had a fabulous time!  First, they got to have a fun movie time, and then they had a water day where they played on the slip and slides and then they had water fights and all kinds of water games.  Last, but not least, they had a fantastic bubble time to end it all!  It was a super fun day, but the best part for Beanie was coming home and knowing that he had three whole months off!  The best part for Mommy was knowing that I get to sleep in for those three months!!!!  Yes!!!  No alarm clocks, except on Sunday!!!  

Beanie and Lucy Sleeping

I absolutely love this picture because this was Beanie's last day of school and because it just shows how much he adores his sister.  He is so in love with her and always wanting to hold her and kiss her.  They both love each other so much.

Beanie's Great Brain Report

This is going back in time, but I had to get this in!  At the end of school, Beanie's class is required to do a "Great Brain Report".  Beanie did his on "Bearded Dragons" since he just received his a few weeks before that.  He did an awesome job!!!  We were so proud of him. He presented his report so well and he glued all the pictures on the poster and wrote everything himself!  He is doing great at school.  His grades were great and his reading and spelling have dramatically improved.  He excels at both subjects now!

Monday, July 14, 2008

Sunday, July 13, 2008


This is Freddie!  He is a Bearded Dragon and he is so cute and fun!  He is a wonderful little lizard and sooooooo fun. He is really mellow and so chill.  He amazingly smart.  We got him a couple of months ago after we saw "Nim's Island", a super fun, family movie!

Introducing Hero Baby!!

This is our Hero Baby!  We got him after Maka passed away and we are in love with him!  He is so cute and sweet and grown to be so big!!!  His temperament and personality is a lot like Chewy's (our first dog) and that is the greatest compliment we could ever pay a doggie!  We are absolutely in love.