Sunday, December 19, 2004

Lucy's Baby blessing day. Amy and Grandpa had to leave early, but they were there also. We have such supportive, awesome family. Thank you everyone. Posted by Hello

Beautiful Lucy on the day of her baby blessing. Brady gave her such a sweet and adorable blessing . It was a wonderful, sweet day. Everything went perfect. It was one of the most amazing sacrament meetings I have ever been to. Lucy and Benjamin were both so adorable and perfect for that special day. Posted by Hello

Our Family Christmas picture! Posted by Hello

Mom with Lucy on her blessing day!  Posted by Hello

Benjamin, loving his little Sasha cat. He received two kittens for his birthday present in July, and he is quite the Sasha lover. Posted by Hello

Mr. Funny Guy. His Mommy takes so many pictures of him that he has decided it is a lot more fun to throw in some wild faces for a little variety. Posted by Hello

Benjamin and Lucy for our Christmas card picture. 12/16/04 Posted by Hello

Amber, Matix, Lucy, Beanie and I on our weekly to visit to Grandma's house! Wehad a wonderful time! 12/10/04 Posted by Hello