Monday, March 12, 2012

Poi'pu shopping center

Beautiful shopping center where we had breakfast and SUN!!! Woohoooo!!! Sunshine!!!

Bubba's burgers.

Famous Hawaii burgers. The kids and Brade say they are fantastic!!!

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Last of this beach

Dry side?

This is supposed to be the dry side of the island. On the other Hawaiian islands that we have been to the dry side( south side) really was dry, whereas in Kauai everywhere is green and the north side is greener!

Beach we are at now, same as last post.

Rainy but pretty

Awesome beach with name we can't remember :)

Our resort

This is our room

Saturday, March 10, 2012

More of our walk


One of the many crazy things that washed up on the beach. Brade said they are "man of war " jelly fish so we threw up and out of the way as many as we saw for the next person. Pretty cool looking though. 

The view from in the front of our place looking to the left. Up the left if you keep going about 1/2 mile maybe a little more is Tunnels beach where the girl from "Soul Surfer" was bit. She is from Hanalei, which is about an 8 minute drive from where we are staying. 

Brade and my lovely walk together

> On Friday the kids didn't want to leave the house since it was so stormy and Lucy eyes we hurting so badly from allergies, pollen we think. So, Brade and I took a beautiful walk on the beach together and these are some of the hints we saw.

Lovely drive

We left this morning to head back South to the resort the kids loved and to get a little more sunshine before we leave. The North side is the wet side and the South side is the dry side, so since our power went out this morning and we had crazy lightning and thunder last night we decided to head back. Way intense! We already had plans to come back since the kids loved it so much but we are planning on coming back next year when the weather is better :)

View from outside our room

Brady's drive

Brade took a drive on Friday when the weather was real bad and we couldn't bomb the kids out of the house and this is what he saw. Lots of rain!! But a very pretty pier.

Friday, March 09, 2012

The first resort we stayed at

When we attempted to fly into Kauai our plane was delayed in Oahu and do we stayed the night in a hotel close to the airport. We then got up the next morning (on my birthday :) and flew to Kauai. We actually we weren't sure if we wanted to fly to Kauai at first because the rain was so bad and the damage and of course the roads were awful, but we decided to try it anyway. We are very glad we did! We weren't able to get to our original intended destination because the roads were washed out, so I bid on Priceline and we got half off this beautiful Hyatt resort in Poi'ū. The kids absolutely loved it. We actually tried to stay there the whole time but they were booked out. I am so glad they were now because up North is even prettier. We are heading back to the Hyatt tomorrow ( another great bid) but our time in the North had been wonderful!

The end of the north road

These pictures are on the same road as the picture of the kids on the road that had all of that water. It's a road that ends at Kē'ē beach. It's called Kuhio hwy. but is he smallest highway ever, with one lane bridges that you cross. You wait for 5-7 cars to go and then the other side can go. That's when it's busy, anyway. Usually there is no wait or just one or two cars.

Little bit of water on the road, lol!

One of the roads we crossed that was about a mile up the road from our condo.

Lucy picture

This is a picture that Lucy took from our window when Brady and I went on a walk and left beanie to look after Lucy. It was pretty cute to see her watching us out of the window. She called us on the walk and said that she was worried that the waves were going to come too far up to our place :)

Tide pools

Great tide pools right outside our room :)

Handsome boy!

Looking northwest up the beach at a super handsome boy :) This resort is on the northern most tip of the whole island, meaning the very wettest, especially during this storm! These shots that I got are of our first day staying here so the sky is actually blue and the air pretty warm besides the wind.

Little River

This is the chocolate river running through the middle of our resort. It is normally clear, but with all the rain it is brown! Crazy! Definitely never seen any of he islands' water look like this!

Second day in Kauai

It is a stormy morning on our second day in Kauai! We are up past Hanalei and we are witnessing the worst weather they have had in 40 years!!