Sunday, January 30, 2005

Matix and Lucy are sooooo cute together. Amber and I hang out a couple of times a week with our little babies. Like little girls with their dolls, we have a blast!  Posted by Hello

For family Home Evening Benjamin and Uncle Seany would jump from the stool onto our bed, while Brady would snap the picture from below. It was such a blast! Benjamin was doing his ninja moves. Look at his cheeks. They are all sucked in! Cute! Posted by Hello

There is Beanie in his whitey-tighties, leaning up against the freezing cold wall. He is so adorable! Posted by Hello

Benjamin chillin' in the bathtub. He loves his bathtime and comes up with some very imaginative games while he is in there. Benjamin's imagination is spectacular! Posted by Hello

Beanie and Uncle Seany doing what they love to do best, play video games until their eyes pop out! Benjamin is actually quite amazing at these games. Posted by Hello

Look at those big beautiful eyes.  Posted by Hello

OK, look at that face! Oh man, she drives me crazy with her cuteness! There is something about Lucy that makes people want to hold her. Strangers want to touch and hold her. With that smile it is easy to see why. She is jsut so sweet. Everythig about her is pure angelic. She is such a special girl. Truly, she is straight from heaven. An angel from heaven she really is. Posted by Hello

Sunday, January 16, 2005

This picture and the next are of Brady and Lucy playing together!  Posted by Hello

Braday and his little girl. Brady loves his little girl and it is so fun to watch both of them play together! He loves to make her laugh and she loves to laugh, so it is a good combination!  Posted by Hello

Look at this happy, little angel. She is the happiest baby I have ever known. She is so much fun and so sweet. She just smiles all the time and loves to laugh. She is so fun to be around and such a blessing to our family. Just look at that smile. She loves the word "boo" and laughs almost everytime you say it to her.  Posted by Hello

Monday, January 03, 2005

Beanie giving Brady his thank you hug for his Christmas presents! Brady has his blanket that I made for him wrapped around him! We had the best holidays this year! Posted by Hello

To wake Papa Jon up in the morning I would bring cut little Lucy into him and she would lay with him. It was so cute and Papa Jon would be so sweet with her. They are good buds! Posted by Hello

The "Gamers" for New Year's! Posted by Hello

Mom outside lighting her fireworks for New Year's! Posted by Hello

Lucy and Matix in their first bathtime together for New Year's Eve! Posted by Hello

At the BYU game! Posted by Hello

Joe, Mom and Lucy for New year's Eve at the BYU basketball game. Posted by Hello

New Year's Eve with Legos. Posted by Hello

Dad's first time holding Lucy. We had scuh a great visit when he was here. Posted by Hello

Beautiful Lucy on Christmas morning. Lucy is a major smiler but she is always a little leery of the camera. Posted by Hello

Trevor with little Matix on Christmas morning. Posted by Hello

Benjamin checking out his new playstation game form Amber, Trevor and Matix. Posted by Hello

Joe on Christmas after he recieved his day pass to Solitude ski resort. Posted by Hello

Mom nd Gram with the presents we gave them. And there is little Lucy. Posted by Hello

Gram on Christmas morning! Posted by Hello