Sunday, October 28, 2007

Our Little Hiking Group!

IMG_0146, originally uploaded by heatherplong.

Look at that daddy!

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Hiking Little Cottonwood Canyon

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Lucy loves riding in the backpack!

Cecret Lake

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Little Cottonwood Canyon

Little Cottonwood Canyon Hike

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This was the pretty lake that we went to that was so clear and gorgeous. Over by the rock that Brady, Lucy and Beanie are at, there was at least fifty salamander's swimming around the rock. They were awesome!! We were all very excited by it. Of course, the boys wanted to catch one. Although, Brady caught one for a little bit, it did get away. Yeah, for the salamander :)

Cold Lucy

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This was little Lucy getting cold on the hike. Look at the face! She is telling me her woes. She ended up getting a little wet at the pretty lake, so she had to wear Mommy's sweatshirt.

Hiking Little Cottonwood Canyon

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This was a beautiful hike that we did on Friday, family, fun day! This is when Lucy fell in love with "camelbacks".

Lucy and Grandpa

Lucy and Grandpa
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Lucy loves her Grandpa and the feeling is quite mutual :) He is a great Grandpa to Lucy and Beanie and they both adore him. She often likes to climb in his lap for some downtime with Grandpa.

Grandma Love

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Beanie is getting some love from his Grandma Pam and playing with Haley, of course! There is Bruce, too! Hi Bruce!

Grandma Cannon's earrings!

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Here is Lucy, wearing her namesakes earrings. Brady is always telling me how much Grandma Cannon would have just loved Lucy. Grandpa also is often mentioning that, too!

Lucy and her cousins!

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This is Lucy being loved by her cousins, Autumn, Shelby and Adria. Lucy loves playing with them and they are always so good to her. They hold her and take care of her whenever we are at family functions, so much that I barely see her when they are with her. Lucy loves it :)

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Daddy's Love for His Girl!

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So, Lucy wanted to wear these earrings of Grandma Cannon's, but they hurt her ears. She then proceeded to ask her Daddy if he would put them on. For his princess, he said "yes". The amazing part is that he let me take a picture!! Love you, honey!

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Matix and Lucy at "Little Gym"

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Matix and Lucy love to go to "Little Gym" together. They have so much fun playing and learning "new moves". This is the two of them on the balance beam together.

Papa Jon's birthday video 2007 2 of 3

This is segment 2 of the Birthday video for my Dad!
Love you!

Papa Jon's birthday video 2007 1 of 3

My dad has started a tradition of sending a fun
video to you when it is your birthday, so I returned
the tradition by making him one.
This is part 1 of 3

Saturday, October 20, 2007

Little Gym class-October

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Lucy is in a "Little Gym" class with Matix.
Lucy loves her class and this is her
teacher, Emily. They have a great time
and they seem to be learning a lot and
having fun! On the first day, Lucy held
Matix's hand and they walked over to
the big group together. They have come
back to see us a couple of times, but they
always go back to their class. It is both
of their first time going to class without their

Beanie rock climbing at Momentum, too!
It's so fun to see the kids make goals and then get
a little higher each time we go! It's fun to see
Beanie's determination!

Lucy Rock Climbing 10/01/07

This is Lucy rock climbing at the Momentum
gym in Sandy. We usually head over there a couple
of times a week. Lucy loves it and has gotten quite
good at it!

I am posting some updated pictures now so that I
don't get behind on my recent pictures, but I am still
going to try and catch up on my old pictures, too!

Birthday Girl!

Birthday Girl!, originally uploaded by heatherplong.

This is Lucy up at Snowbird the day after her birthday!
We had such a fabulous time up there, celebrating her
third birthday. We had plans of going on the tram and
the alpine slide with everyone, but it turned out that we
woke up the next morning and it was snowing!!!!
So, we had a fire and snuggled up to each other, while we
watched the snow fall!

Friday, October 19, 2007

Lucy singing "Care Bears" on her 3rd birthday!


This is Lucy on her birthday up at Snowbird
singing her favorite "Care Bear" song. Cute girl!

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Happy Birthday Papa Jon

This is Papa Jon's birthday song. Brady is our
background singer as he videotapes the band!
Happy Birthday, Dad. Miss and love you like crazy!