Sunday, November 04, 2007

Jango Fett

Jango Fett, originally uploaded by heatherplong.

Beanie was Jango Fett and he loved it!! He played with that outfit constantly and was soooooo excited when we saw it at Target. He was originally planning on being Batman again this year, but then he saw Jango Fett at Target and Batman was no more! All the other boys we saw on Halloween loved his outfit and they would all watch him and say cool outfit. All the Dad's thought he was Bobba Fett, from the old Star Wars and they all liked his outfit, too !

She's so tough!

She's so tough!, originally uploaded by heatherplong.


Beauty, originally uploaded by heatherplong.

Care Bear Beauty!

Care Bear Face!

Care Bear Face!, originally uploaded by heatherplong.

We went to the Wild Oats Halloween Festival and they had trick-or-treating, color your own bag, pumpkin decorating and face painting by professional face painters. They did an awesome job and Lucy loved it so much! She would go look in the mirror all night. She would make little faces at herself and just had a fabulous time with it. When we first got home she said "Daddy's going to say, 'where's my Lucy?" When she got up in the morning she was absolutely crushed that it was gone, so I promised her that I would go buy some face paints, so she would have her face painted for Halloween! She seriously had a blast with this face. It was her favorite part of Halloween!


Halloween!, originally uploaded by heatherplong.

Having fun in the bath!

Love the Lucy

Love the Lucy, originally uploaded by heatherplong.

The day after Halloween Matix came over and we were going to dress the kids up and get some more pictures, but after we got their make-up on they decided they wanted a bath more. They had fun in the bath and Ambie got some great pictures of them :)

Lost tooth

Lost tooth, originally uploaded by heatherplong.

Close up of the famous tooth!

3rd lost tooth

3rd lost tooth, originally uploaded by heatherplong.

Beanie lost his third tooth today! We were so excited. It's been loose for a long time and it finally came out. For more gory details watch the video. It's quite funny!

Beanie's 3rd Lost tooth!

Beanie's Lost tooth experience!

Beanie lost his third tooth on Sunday Nov. 4th and here is the tale!