Friday, October 29, 2004

This was Benjamin's first time holding little Lucy. He was quite nervous at first. Look at her looking at him. It is so adorable. Quite the tender little moment. Benjamin is quite the little protector of her. When I ask him to watch her for a second, he will stand guard with sword in hand! It is so sweet. He always says how adorable she is. My favorite pictures are of them together! Posted by Hello

Aunt Amber and Uncle Trevor are proud of their new little niece. They have taken Beanie out to play many times since the birth of Lucy and Beanie has loved every minute of it. Thank you! You guys are awesome. We look forward to the birth of their new little baby, Matix! Soon to come! Posted by Hello

The proud Daddy. But sadly Brady is very jelous of Lucy's hair. She has a great deal more than Brady! HA! Posted by Hello

Grandparents..... they just cant get enough! Grandma Patty has been a great help to us since the day Lucy was born. THANK YOU GRANDMA PATTY! Posted by Hello

Kev, April, and Haley stop by to welcome the new little angel into the family. Haley is a VERY good cousin to Beanie and Lucy. Posted by Hello

This from Brady: Posted by Hello

Here is a sweet view fom above Posted by Hello

Oh.... how cute! Posted by Hello

Thursday, October 28, 2004

Little Lucy

She is so sweet....... so asleep. And Beanie Loves her